Helping Families Stay Involved, Wherever they Live

Research* shows that two of the most important factors in the success of students who have been in residential treatment are:

  1. The amount of family involvement while the teen was in treatment
  2. The home environment to which they return

The treatment process is exciting, it is amazing to watch teens change and take control of their lives. We make it possible for all families to be a part of this process regardless of where they live.

Staying In Touch & Involved

Parents are involved in the treatment process through weekly telephone sessions, parent group meetings, our online parent connection, and attending family weekends with their student.

Parent group provides a setting where parents can begin to examine patterns of behavior, build relationships, and lay the foundation for a healthy and happy transition of their teen back home. For parents living out of the area, we'll assist you in setting up online video conferencing so that your can see and interact with your teen in these meetings, from wherever you may be.

For more information on research regarding succesful treatment see aftercare.

*Heather J. Hair, M.Sc. (2005) Outcomes for Children and Adolescents After Residential Treatment: A  Review of Research from 1993 to 2003, Journal of Child and Family Studies, Vol. 14, No. 4, December, pp. 551–575.

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