Wendy Reimann MSW, CSW

Wendy has a passion for working with adolescence using evidence based therapies to help them maximize their talents and build positive coping skills. She provides individual and group therapy processing and psychoeducation to adolescents struggling with substance use disorders and mental health problems associated with depression, trauma, attachment, bi-polar and anxiety disorders, as well problems in family relationships with parenting, family balance, divorce, as well as grief and loss.

In addition to managing her full time position as an adolescent and family therapist, Wendy has volunteered time working as a Mentor and Intensive Outpatient group facilitator. She has been involved in conducting workshops to community and religious based groups on such topics as parenting and various aspects of teen and adult mental health.

Her greatest passion is her family which includes her husband, children, and grandchildren, traveling,reading, laughing, and creating memories.

"It is rewarding to see adolescents learn and develop new tools that enable them to overcome their individual challenges and develop empathy, accountability, healthy connections, and boundaries."