Victoria Simpson Ph.D.
Assistant Principal

Victoria brings a very sweet and gentle balance to our school. She has a way of reaching and connecting with each student who needs her. She has been involved in teaching and academia for many years, from being an art professor at BYU Idaho, to special education and religious classes. Along with being our assistant principal she currently teaches a religious class to teenagers with autism. She is and has always been very religious and loves serving in her church. Her words to live by are "When we are helping, we are happy".

Here at Stillwater Victoria believes everyone and anyone can progress and grow given the correct tools and opportunity. She finds the students learning style and meets them where they are and assist them in progression from there. That could mean modifying assignments and accommodating different learning abilities to encourage success. She loves working with students who think outside the box and don't necessarily fit the typical mold. And she doesn't stop at the students. She is also a cheerleader and support to the teachers and staff. Working closely together with a unified goal.

Victoria grew up in Washington state, but has raised her 5 boys here in Utah with her husband, who she met at a church function. She now has several grandkids as well.

She is an artist as heart. When she has free time, she loves to do fiber art, spin and weave, watercolor paint, just to name a few. Victoria says "I also love to pray, read, write, draw, and study. Any day I can fit all those things in is a great day."