Sadie Young
Office Manager

Sadie developed a passion for psychology and working with teenagers at a young age. She started working for Stillwater 10 years ago in pursuit of her passion. Her talent and insight seem to know no bounds. She started working as support staff and later designed training protocol for that department. She loved working with the students so much she went to school part time to earn a degree in psychology. She spent some time in the school assisting the English teacher and helping the students academically. She designed and taught a fitness and self-esteem class for the girls. Finally she moved to office staff and learned how much she loved talking with people about the program and giving heavy hearted parents hope that Stillwater can help their teen. She has remained a member of the office staff as an Admissions Specialist.

"Because I have had the privilege of working so closely with the students here at Stillwater I have seen the change as these students become happy independent peer leaders on their way to a successful life. I love answering the phone or responding to an email of a parent searching for help and hope, and being able to tell them they have called the right place!"

When she's not working at Stillwater she enjoys, baking fancy desserts, health and fitness, and having fun with her husband, kids, and two yellow labs Abby and Alice.