Rodayne Esmay
Computer Technology

Rodayne Esmay was born in Arizona and grew up primarily in New Mexico and Texas. A military experience took him to Georgia and North Carolina, but he's lived most of his adult life in Colorado and in Utah.

"The Army trained me how to do things that some would consider to be on the edge: jumping out of airplanes and rappelling from cliffs and out of helicopters. I actually think all those physical demands taught me how to concentrate and prepared me for a career in a completely different direction - computer technology."

As an undergraduate student, Rodayne attended the University of Northern Colorado, and Brigham Young University, where he attained a Bachelor of Arts degree. He completed a Master of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Digital Imaging at Syracuse University, in upstate New York.

After nearly twenty years in industry, Rodayne stepped into education where he has garnered several awards including a Teaching Excellence Award from the University of Texas, two Service Learning Awards from the Utah Campus Compact and Utah's Multimedia Teacher of the Year.

"Teaching at Stillwater Academy is very unique and gratifying. The kids get under your skin, and I for one, really look forward to the opportunity I have to work with them."

Faculty Member since 2011