Ren Bromiley

Ren was born in Dade County, Florida, but she grew up all over the world with parents who moved around with the military.

Ren is happily married with 3 kids and has been teaching since 2018. When she's not at Stillwater she loves to read, write fiction, and dabble in photography. She is happy with her choice of careers and loves the time she spends in the classroom. She loves learning and wants to instill that love into each of her students. Previously, Ren taught English and Mindfulness at another residential school.

What Ren loves most about teaching at Stillwater is working with the students and making learning as fun as possible. She likes having students with diverse backgrounds because they each bring a unique voice to the classroom. She loves having small class sizes so she can better plan her lessons to meet the learning needs and styles for each student. Because literature is her passion, she also likes being able to introduce students to different works of literature and use it to expand their world views.

  • Bachelor of Arts, English Literary Studies, Utah Valley University

  • (in progress) Master of Fine Arts, Creative Writing, Lindenwood University