Lisa Clarke
Science & PE

Lisa is originally from Alaska, but moved to Utah for college and has lived here since. Before coming to Utah, Lisa met her husband in Alaska with who she has two children.

Lisa has been teaching science at Stillwater Academy since 2014. While she teachers all the traditional science classes, Astronomy is one of her favorite things to teach and she tries to slip that in whenever she can. This term, she is also teaching Physical Education. In 2018, she and her husband also became housing staff for Stillwater; they have enjoyed the extra energy and chaos the students bring to their home.

She and her family love spending time outdoors. Some of their favorite family activities are camping, fishing, hiking, and kayaking. Lisa loves to garden and has a zoo of animals at her home: a dog, two rabbits, a lizard and 10 chickens.

Lisa loves teaching at Stillwater Academy, especially having small classes and the unique opportunity to help students really become successful in school. It has been very special for her to see her students change and grow from the time they enter Stillwater Academy to when they successfully complete their program. High school graduations from Stillwater are still one of her favorite things about our school.

  • Bachelor of Science, Biology Composite Teaching, Brigham Young University

  • Master of Science, Biological Education, Brigham Young University