Linsey Ybarra

Linsey was born and raised in Farmington, Utah. Right out of high school she started her first education job as a Percussion Instructor for the Bingham High School Marching Band. Since then, she has taught (and continues to teach) several different subjects, including: Music, Photography, Anthropology, Literacy, Math, Biology, English (as a subject and a language), and now Spanish. She has worked with students of all ages from pre-school to college and adult ed, but loves working with high school students the most-- especially in the alternative realm. She has worked at several residential treatment centers as an educator and is currently teaching at a public alternative high school in Orem, while spending her weekends with the awesome students at Stillwater.

Linsey has a Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts-Photography with a minor in Anthropology. She started learning Spanish while she was in high school and picked up the basics quickly as she practiced with her Spanish-speaking friends and co-workers. She became fluent while living in Argentina from 2011-2012, and continued her Spanish studies in college upon returning from Argentina. She loves Latin culture and uses Spanish on a daily basis. She especially loves listening to Spanish music, going Latin dancing, and trying foods from different Latin countries!

In her free time, you can find Linsey out playing with her two dogs, singing Selena at the top of her lungs, photographing, or doing anything artistic or creative. She is passionate about human rights and engaging in conversations that allow her to understand diverse perspectives. She loves documentaries and enjoys creating documentary photographic projects that depict the human experience. She also loves to travel and has spent a significant amount of time living and traveling outside of the United States. More than anything, Linsey loves each of her students sincerely and unconditionally, and spends most of her time developing personal relationships with them and doing anything she can to help them understand their worth and find the motivation to overcome their trials and succeed in life.

Faculty Member since 2018