Julie Frix
Director of Academics

Julie grew up as the oldest of 5 kids in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Sandy, Utah. Playing in the creek and running through the trees with the family dogs were just some of her childhood memories. As she grew it became apparent that she had extraordinary talent as a track runner. She went to the University of Utah, where she lettered in track and earned a bachelor's degree in English Literature. She met her husband on a picnic in the canyons one summer evening, and he stole her heart immediately! They have been married since 1985. Whew!

Together they had 3 lovely and spunky kiddos, and Julie spent most of their growing up years as a stay-at-home mom. What started as volunteering to offer emergency medical assistance in their small town, turned into a 4 year stint as an EMT/firefighter. Later she went back to school and got her teaching certification as well as an endorsement for teaching ELL students. She currently teaches language arts full time in a public school, where she works with students who are below grade-level or in the special-ed program. She has had many leadership responsibilities, including department chair, 7th grade team lead, RTI manager, and she was awarded teacher of the year for the 2018-2019 school year. She has outstanding growth scores in her students. She credits her success to believing in students that others write off- loving students that many others find to be unlovable. She believes that students who struggle outside of school with poverty, abuse, mental illness, or other issues generally struggle with the self-motivation to learn or cooperate in a school setting. Julie feels that the responsibility of teachers is more than presenting curriculum. It is the teacher's responsibility to understand the whole student, not just the child sitting at the desk for an hour on weekdays. Seeking to understand the student and where they are coming from will help us create a safe place for learning. When the teacher connects with the student and sees their strengths, then the student will love the teacher and look forward to coming to class. Julie taught this philosophy for years in the public schools as she mentored other teachers.

Lee the owner of Stillwater said this, "Julie and her husband have been friends of ours for over 30 years. I loved talking to her about her experiences in the classroom under challenging circumstances and her philosophy of making the classroom dynamic and fun. When we needed a new principal, I knew I had to get Julie involved in some way. I wanted to create that same culture at Stillwater Academy."

Julie's absolute favorite thing is spending time with her husband. They enjoy cooking together, movies, gardening, going to water parks, and flying to fun places in one of the planes from his flight school. She also enjoys reading, playing with her dogs, and hanging out with her 8 grandybabies, who are the cutest ones in the world!