Jill Hodge MS

Jill joined our Stillwater team over 7 years ago as an intern. This was her introduction to our program and not long she was hired as a primary counselor. She continued her schooling and she obtained her degree she became one of our amazing therapists. Jill has a passion for her work. Besides the cognitive therapy she does she has a certification in EMDR an imagery therapy especially helpful for PTSD and Early childhood trauma. Jill is a great asset to our team as she is kind and caring and laughs easily.

Jill has lived in various parts of the world and comes to us with vast experience working with youth. She has two daughters and was recently married to a man with 3 children. They love hiking and doing anything together as a family. Jill and her husband are also avid golfers. Jill says the best part about working at Stillwater is the family atmosphere. "The staff at Stillwater are my second family, we've been through a lot together over the years and watched some amazing miracles in the lives of the families we serve."