Jenny Kuhlman

Jenny has worked in academic environments with various age groups for over ten years. She started as a teacher's aide, which helped her understand her passion to help others understand math. This experience drove her to earn her degree in math and become a math teacher.

In her free time, Jenny likes to read and has a particular love for historical fiction. She also enjoys playing the piano and exercising, especially walking and hiking. Above all, she loves spending time with her family watching movies, football games, doing outdoor activities and playing music together.

What Jenny likes most about teaching at Stillwater Academy is the small class sizes to provide individual attention to each student. Many students believe they are not capable of doing math; however, Jenny is a firm believer that every student can learn math. She understands that not all students will have a career in math, but she hopes to help her students become mathematical thinkers by using practicing reasoning and problem-solving skills to better understand the world around them. Persistence and practice are needed to develop the skill of mathematical thinking. Persistence and willingness to practice are characteristics that will help students not only in math, but in other aspects of their lives.

  • Bachelor of Science, Mathematics Teaching, Western Governors University.