Carolyn Tinsch Ph.D.

Carrolyn was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, but lived in South Dakota and Oregon shortly after getting married. She is happily married to her husband of 48 years. Together, they have 3 children, 6 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren.

Carrolyn returns to Stillwater Academy with a lifetime of experience. From 1995-2005, Carrolyn was the Academic Director for Stillwater Academy. While living in Oregon, she taught several music and choir classes, foods, childcare, clothing, money management, and personal awareness for 9 years. When she moved to Utah, she continued in education, but found joy in working with "at risk" teens. She taught in an interagency setting with Valley Mental Health for 3 years with behavioral/emotional needs in Granite School District and implemented student IEP's at Granite. For decades she taught resource students in English, math, school skills and supervised studies in Granite School District. She is now retired from the public school system.

When she is not at Stillwater she enjoys genealogy, family history, collecting dolls and spending time with family. She also loves jewelry and watches.

Carrolyn has a lot of experience with Stillwater Academy and loves helping the students find their true self and develop their strengths. She has a passion for helping youth where they are and helping them reach their potential even when they have gone through some really hard things. She loves the family environment among students and staff. She also feels the strong support from the therapeutic staff in the academics. This type of teamwork is a recipe for lasting change.

  • Bachelor of Science, Family Consumer Science with minor in Vocal Music Education, Utah State University

  • 5th- Year Certificate, Southern Oregon State, Oregon State University, and University of Oregon

  • Master of Education, Special Education Mild/Moderate Disabilities and English as a Second Language, University of Utah

  • Master of Education, Educational Psychology and Social Work, University of Utah