Amanda McKay
Digital Literacy

Amanda was born and raised in Utah. However, when she was young, her father served in active duty in the Navy and she spent some time living in California and Maryland. Amanda married her husband, Mike, in 1998 and together they have three children - a boy and two girls.

Amanda has one of the hardest jobs around - a substitute teacher for the public school. She has been working as a substitute in Utah secondary schools since 2012, teaching a wide range of subjects including English Language Arts, History, and even Sign Language. While Amanda is fairly new as a regular teacher to Stillwater, she has been a substitute with Stillwater for years.

Amanda will rarely be seen without a book - she loves to read. She also enjoys spending time with her family outdoors, whether it be camping, exploring, or any other adventure. She also loves spending her free time knitting, crocheting, and cross-stitching.

Amanda loves teaching at Stillwater because she has the privilege of working so closely with the students. Having small classes enables her to get to know them personally and she loves being a part of their success and growth.

  • Associate of Arts, General Education, Salt Lake Community College