A Powerful Approach to Housing

Stillwater Academy employs trained staff members who are also licensed with the state to provide a family environment with life skills training. After a day of school, intensive outpatient therapy, or day treatment Our night staff housing parents become an amazing support group for the students as they process and practice the therapy they received during the day.

We know that not everyone lives where they can drive from their home each day. This is a great alternative.

Practicing What They're Learning

Intensive outpatient and day treatment both require practice and follow-up in the evenings. Stillwater Academy's unique housing approach allows teens hands-on practice of the skills they are learning in a family setting where they are required to contribute. During the evenings and on weekends teens participate with our housing staff in games, fun, and work.

Our experience has shown that having trained staff members in their own homes, who can provide support, structure, and encouragement accelerates the recovery process.

Our home away from home housing option has become very meaningful to our students, their parents, and to referring professionals across the country.

The Importance of Emotional Practice

We all know how important practice is in piano and sports - in this video Lee Caldwell talks about the importance of practicing new emotional skills.

Housing Was a Critical Part of Our Son's Success

It is difficult to put into words the effect you have had on our son. One short year ago, we flew to Salt Lake City to entrust our son to your staff. Although I was apprehensive to leave him, it was a relief not to have to worry about where he was
and what he was doing.

At that time our son was deeply troubled, addicted to marijuana, was caught stealing, was rebellious, and not capable of coping in a positive way with his life. He had little regard for himself let alone anyone else. The final issue that brought us to the decision to enroll him was when he got arrested and told the police officer that he would steal again. There is no question in our mind this was a cry for help.

Through your patience, understanding, support and confidence our real son is back. He thrived and successfully completed high school at Stillwater Academy. The small class sizes and experienced teaching staff contributed greatly to his success. In addition, we feel that the housing options at Stillwater Academy allowed Matt to experience a family environment during his stay and was a critical component in matt's success.

Your leadership program helped our son regain his confidence and will to live life to its fullest. The friendships he made were some of the first of many friends to come. He has wisely chosen not to see any of his old friends and is working hard at establishing new healthy relationships. He is attending the junior college and getting close to land a part time job at the YMCA. He is attending AA meetings, and Willow Creek Community Church functions on a regular basis, and building a strong foundation of new friends that are appropriate. We could not be more pleased or more grateful.

P.S. After two short months in the program he told us, "I wish my old friends had the opportunity to be in a program like this?

Sincerely yours,

Bob & Gigi