Equine Therapy

Horses Are Awesome!

Stillwater Academy has years of experience helping horses and students find peace and security in their lives. Working with horses provides students unparalleled opportunities to see how their behavior affects others. Lessons learned working with horses helps to amplify progress made in other areas of treatment.

Stillwater staff and students apply the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program to establish a trusting relationship with the horses. The Parelli system is an evidenced-based human and horse training system recognized the world over as the leader in humane horse/human relationship building.

This process provides a powerful metaphor for Stillwater students. Through it, they gain a sense of their self-worth, learn to conquer challenges/fears, how to have healthy relationships, and gain tools that help them in all areas of their lives.

Why We Use Horses to Help with Therapy

In this video Lee Caldwell talks about why horses are such an amazing therapuetic tool.

The Ranch

Located a quick 15 minute drive from our main campus Clementine Farms (or 'the ranch') is a fun place to play.

As part of Equine therapy, students help to gentle and imprint baby horses As part of Equine therapy, students clean out a horses hooves. A Student Learning to ride a horse at Clementine Farms Working is also part of learning at the ranch. Stillwater students stack hay for the horses

A Story Describing Why We Use Horses

In this video Lee Caldwell shares a story that illustrates how powerful horses can be as part of the treatment process.