Raising the Bar

The following are goals we've set for ourselves, that work to achieve in regards to each student and their family.

  • Help youth rediscover the talented, capable, and worthwhile individuals they are
  • Help youth reestablish healthy, positive relationships with their families
  • Provide a safe and supportive environment that encourages youth to identify the underlying issues driving their negative and self-destructive behaviors
  • Help youth gain the courage to change and develop healthy, positive coping skills
  • Support youth through the unknown and sometimes frightening process of change
  • Teach youth to support each other and learn the value of true, healthy friendships
  • Maintain a positive peer culture based on love and support
  • Teach parents in crisis the skills they need to help themselves and their families
  • Help parents become positive, powerful, and insightful
  • Assist parents in improving their own personal relationships
  • Help parents find within themselves the power to change
  • Support and encourage parents through this process of personal growth and change, which is vital for the program to have lasting and valuable effect
  • Foster support amongst youth, parents, and the community
  • Teach youth and parents to give back and support the program

Turnabout Stillwater Academy: Goals