Education Tailored to Meet Your Teen's Needs

You don't want your student to fall through the cracks and niether do we! Class sizes are very small so that each student can learn at his or her own level and speed. This individual attention has proved especially helpful for students struggling with learning disorders.

No longer just one in a crowd, students learn to thrive educationally as they also grow emotionally. Subjects like Math, Science, English, History, and Art, along with others, all start to make sense and come to life for students - some of whom have never succeeded in school. In fact, on average students see a 1.5 grade-point increase in their cumulative GPA during their stay in the program.

Fully Accredited

Accreditation is a great benefit for students looking to transfer credits earned back to their home school or onto higher education after they graduate from the program. Stillwater Academy has been recognized by the National Association of Special education Teachers as a School of Excellence, the highest award given by the organization.

Academic Goals

Our academic program was developed with three goals in mind:

  1. Prepare each student to meet the requirements of high school graduation and higher education.
  2. Awaken in each student a love of learning.
  3. Provide a successful educational experience that supports the emotional, mental, and social growth and development of each student.

Personalized Education

Upon Enrollment your student will meet with our Academic Director who will tailor an academic program specifcally to his/her needs and abilities. Students coming to Stillwater with an IEP can also be accommodated.

"My Junior year of high school ended in a 1.8 GPA & at Stillwater I brought it up to a 3.8 GPA!"

- Lisa