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Our hearts go out to you. There are not many things more challenging than trying to help a teen you love stop making choices that could mess up the rest of his or her life - or end it completely.

We are a dedicated, fun, caring team of therapists, doctors, parents, and mentors. We are here because we want to help teens figure out how to become their best selves; because we know that given the right environment, tools, support, and enough time that your teen can figure out how to live a happy successful life.

The change we're talking about is not a superficial one, or simply helping your teen learn to say/do the right things. We believe that in order for real-lasting change to occur, it has to come from the heart. We want your teen to learn to make good choices, because they want to do it for themselves.

There absolutely is reason to hope! Hundreds of teens have shown us over and over again that given time and the right tools, each one of them can overcome and move beyond these challenges to truly succeed.

Families like yours inspired us to create Stillwater Academy over 30 years ago, we believe in you and created a safe relationship-based and family-oriented treatment program to help create the growth, change, and success you are hoping for regardless of the challenges you currently face.

Today's teens face a rough, fast-paced digital world that has made it harder than ever to succeed as a teenager. Our specialized focus in this area for the last 3 decades has given us a unique front-row seat to all of these developments. As well as lots of experience helping teens navigate and overcome its inevitable pitfalls.

We invite you to find out if Stillwater Academy is right for your son or daughter and if it is, or if you're not sure - please give us a call.

So Many Kids Don't Understand How Awesome They Really Are

In this video Lee Caldwell talks about the amazing transformations he sees in teens here at Stillwater.

Couldn't Be In a Better Place

Stillwater Academy was founded in 1988 in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, about 15 miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah and is situated in and near some of the most breathtaking scenery in the country.

Students benefit from this great environment through outdoor adventure, hikes, regular outdoor therapy at Stillwater Academy's nearby Clementine Farms Ranch, as well as various other recreational activities.

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